“The Science of Elastic Force” is an advanced form of Bio-tensegrity training which is dedicated to developing the fascia to become a more efficient energy conductor. In Chinese medicine the fascia is considered the riverbed through which the meridians carry the chi.

Growth arises from adapting to stress. Our training program focuses on placing large amounts of stress on the fascia in a very unique way thereby stimulating growth.

There are no forms, just simple concentration exercises, breath control techniques and advanced body mechanic drills to reduce muscle activation and stimulate fascia under load. This in turn produces a much more relaxed and energy efficient environment to absorb and transmit force.

How does the training process work?

The student tunes his awareness into the movement of the diaphragm, then he/she  expands this sensation through his/her body by opening the joints and releasing and relaxing the muscles through static, slow moving and dynamic throwing  exercises.

Next the student has a training partner place their weight through their body compressing their feet. As the body goes into compression, the sensation of releasing the muscles and activating the fascia is switched on, allowing the absorption of force. The body stretches like a trampoline. The structure is adjusted so as to create a base under your training partner, then the force is rebound sending your partner for a bounce. The catching points of tension are noted, then released before the next feed of force. The student mentally recites a perfect mental, emotional and physical alignment, then invites his/her partner to feed the force in again.

As this process is repeated the fascia is stimulated and begins to grow in its strength and elasticity.

This is a unique system devised by Mark Rasmus based on several decades of internal martial arts and meditation practices.


International weekend workshops – 12 hours – condensed level 1 format.

Thailand and Japan workshops – 20 hours per week, Monday to Friday 6 am – 10am.

Level 1 – Vital force training, lower center – 20 hours – week 1

Level 2 – 1st Transformation, middle center – 20 hours – week 2

Level 3 – 2nd Transformation, upper center – 20 hours – week 3

Level 4 – 3rd Transformation, emptiness, light suspending the head from above – 20 hours – week 4


Training is offered primarily in Chiang Mai Thailand. If you wish to train with Sifu Mark Rasmus, email rasmustaichi at gmail dot com


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