Course outline

Intrinsic Energies of Tai Chi – 4 week course


Preliminary drills

Vital breathing – expanding, contracting, raising and sinking.

Structural alignment, opening the joints, setting the joints, muscles and tendon changing, floating the bones, bone and joint energy.

Chi Cultivation, ­ expanding, contracting, raising and sinking the chi.

Fusing the 3 centres to produce the intrinsic energies.

How to store and release chi.


Intrinsic energies of Tai Chi – partner exercises

Listening energy
Sticking energy
Interpreting energy
Receiving energy
Neutralizing energy
Rebounding energy
Issuing energy
Enticing energy
Raising energy
Sinking energy
Seizing energy
Opening energy
Closing energy
Dispersing energy
Ward of energy
Roll back energy
Press energy
Push energy
Pull energy
Split energy
Elbow stroke energy
Shoulder stroke energy
Long energy
Short energy
Drilling energy
Intercepting energy
Towering light energy

Advanced exercises.

Three transformations. Transforming Jin to Chi, Chi to Shen, Shen to emptiness.

Akasha/Wuji exercises.

Pillar of light.

Additional chi kung exercises.

I teach over 100 additional chi kung exercises ranging from simple sensitivity exercises to Quabbalah, Alchemy and other internal training methods. Returning students are welcome to apply to learn these topics.

Initiation into Hermetics

We cover Franz Franz Bardons 3 books, Initiation into Hermetics, Practice Of Magical Evocation. The Key to the True Kabbalah. This training is available to advanced students.