Mae Wang Retreat

We are targeting to open in March 2019, keep in touch.

The Retreat in Mae Wang district, is located 70km from Chiang Mai airport. The retreat is currently being constructed next to a Karen Hilltribe village. The villagers are constructing the retreat.

The village is located 1200m above sea level deep in the mountains. Food is grown organically at the retreat, with several rice paddies, vegetable gardens and fruit trees. Most food consumed at the retreat will be grown on site or locally.

There will be 10 simple cabins, training hall, dining hall, kitchen and Instructors accommodations.

Students will need to bring their own sleeping bags and night light as there are regular power outages.

In Winter, temperatures drop to 10 degrees Celsius at night, so bring appropriate clothing and sleeping bag if you plan to train during that time.  Most of the year, shorts and t-shirts are fine by day, long pants at night.

Images will be posted as the cabins near completion. At the time of this update (September 6), four cabins are up and the toilet shower block is under construction.