January, February. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Great Polarity Kuntao Silat with Tai Chi principles, 18 hours over 3 days, with my Sigung. Teacher of Mark Rasmus and Luke Holloway (Raw Combat), February 14th, 12 till 7pm, 15th, 16th 9am to 4pm, , one hour lunch break. Covering Kuntao combat drills. Course Fee: 10,000 baht.

March, April. Koh Phangan,  Thailand

May, bicycle touring, Shikouku,  Japan. (No classes but lots fun, 88 temple pilgrimage) everyone is welcome to join.

June, July, August, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

September, classes taught by assistant instructor in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

October onwards Chiang Mai, Thailand.


January, February in Chiang Mai

March, April, May in Japan

June, July, August in Chiang Mai

September, October, November in Japan

December in Chiang Mai


Training fees in Thailand

30,000 baht first week, half price for additional weeks, past students 15,000 baht a week.
60,000 baht first month, half price for additional months,  past students 30,000 baht per month.

90,000 baht for 3 months

Training times: Monday to Friday 8am – 12 midday, 20 hours per week.


Canada summer retreat project has been put on hold. Apologies if this inconveniences anyone.


Email  rasmustaichi at gmail dot com